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Rehabilitation/Physical Therapy

Veterinary physical rehabilitation involves applying principles and techniques that are being used in human physical therapy for our canine and feline patients. Our Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner uses a hand on multimodal approach including exercises, manual therapy, K- Laser, underwater treadmill along with other techniques to customize each patient’s treatment. We can improve mobility, recovery, and prolong the life our pets though use of therapy.

We begin therapy with the proper diagnosis of injuries, orthopedic, soft tissues or neurological conditions with the veterinarian. Then Our CCRP, along with the vet, can determine the best treatment and outcome for the patient. By using a multimodal approach we are able to enhance and speed recovery from injuries and degenerative conditions.

Some examples of conditions that can benefit from veterinary physical rehabilitation include fractures, IVDD, ACL injury, FCE, degenerative myelopathy and patellar luxation. Therapy can also help with weight loss, conditioning of working and sporting dogs, and maintaining comfort in older, arthritic dogs.